Kathia Nobili teaching Bambi to be a good girl

The sexy Bambi has been sent to the detention center by her school, because she was a bad pupil. She didn’t pay attention to the teacher, and to her math testes. Always talked about big and huge cocks. At the detention center she had a lesbian teacher, Kathia Nobili, who taught her how to be a good girl. The tools of the Mighty Mistress got out, and soon , Bambi felt a huge strapon dick in her shaved schoolgirl pussy.

Mandy Bright tortures sexy Bambi

The most beautiful girls are also wicked. If they do only little crimes, they have to be punished also. The sexy Bambi tried to steal from the locker of a gym…but there was Mandy Bright. The gorgeous mistress came to punish the wicked girl. She bond Bambi, and used all her tricks and tools to make that girl’s pussy cum. She tortured her with her candle, and after the candel, the mistress made Bambi to her sex-slave with the tools she has.

Lady Wendi torturing sexy Szilvia

There is no girl who never make mistakes, and for every mistakes they have to suffer. Szilvia cheated on her boyfriend, and the mistress Lady Wendi found it out. She bond the cheater in the basement of her house, and then tortured her with her tools. She used her fingers first, and meanwhile rubbing Szilvia’s breasts, she is stroking her pussy. But after her victim had been tortured, Lady Wendi’s womenly needs also have to be satisfied. For that she gives her plastic toy in her victim’s hands.

Mandy Bright inspecting the pussy of Ella Brawen

Mandy Bright is a health care professional who is checking the medical papers of the girls in the red light district. One of the ladies, the gorgeous Ella Brawen fails to present the proper paperwork, so Mistress Mandy has to take her away for a full inspection, and also for a proper punishment. Asthe sexy mistress inserts her fingers to that pink pussy, and in the ass, just watch that sexy slut enjoying the insertion. But the finger insertion was not all, Mandy inserts a huge black medical accessory in that cunt too.

Mistress Mandy tortures her playdoll Jasmin

Sometimes the Mistress doesn’t want to punish anyone, just wants to play. For that Mandy got Jasmin, her favourite plaything. After finished playing with her other dolls, the gorgeous Mandy turns to Jasmin, and starts playing with her favourite slut. After stroking that soft pussy of Jasmin, she gets her plastic toys out and pushes them into that dripping wet cunt of her toy doll.

Bad girl Kira Banks punished by Mistress Mandy

I don’t understand why do girls cheat on their boyfriends? They all will caught by Mistress Mandy to be punished. Today her visitor in the basement is the hot teen Kira Banks. Cheated, and now she have to be punished! Punished by a really slutty mistress, who loves torturing girls. Their mouths, and all their bodies. Kira didn’t know what will be waiting for her, but she really enjoyed this toying, so I think she will cheat on her next boyfriend too.